Jackie Battaglia

Save Date: 05/21/2006

On May 21, 2006 my husband and I were invited to our daughters home for dinner. I had told her that there were things that needed to be done here at my house and I didn't think I would be coming but her father would come. She gave me a little bit of a hard time....and it's a good thing she did. I would have been alone and certainly would have died if I hadn't been at her house with the family. I don't remember much of anything after pulling out of our house.

I will continue as it was told to me by several family members. We arrived at my daughters home and had dinner. I helped clean up and played with the children. My daughter and I went outside to look at her garden and when we came back into the house she went upstairs to get a book that I was interested in reading. My husband and son-in-law were in the family room watching television. When she came down from getting the book she said that I was at her kitchen table with my head in my hands. I began to fall over...she screamed and my husband came running. They put me on the floor at which time I began a rattle breathing. My husband and daughter froze. They didn't know what to do. My son-in-law promptly began CPR while dialing 911. There was a police cruiser in the area with a defibrillator. Thank God for the quick response of the police and EMTs. And most of all thank God for my son-in-law.

I had been having problems with PVCs for several years. I had been having different feeling attacks for an entire year before my arrest and had been to several doctors and had many tests done. I was told that they were benign PVCs and they couldn't kill me. What happened is that I was going into ventricular tachycardia. That particular day in May, I went from V-tach to V-fib within seconds. My heart stopped. I have no memory of the attack and I also lost 5 days of my life. I was in critical condition because not only did my heart stop, I also aspirated my stomach contents into my lungs. It was touch and go for a few days. My first memory was waking up in a hospital room and asking what happened. I now have a defib/pacer implanted in my chest.

Due to the quick response of all the above mentioned people I am here to tell my story. I thank God everyday for giving me a second birth so that I can enjoy my family, six grandchildren and friends hopefully for many years to com.

Jackie Battaglia
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania 15044 (suburb of Pittsburgh)

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