Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month Ushered In by Two Alert Members of Congress & their staff members

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association Chairperson Mary Tappe commended Congressmen Murphy and Burgess on their swift and successful response to an apparent SCA (See following story) and added " This is a great example of how by-stander CPR and AED deployment and first responder action saves lives. . ."


1-855-COPE-SCA (1-855-267-3722)


ACCESS—The SCAA COPE-LINE is now operational. SEE the COPE tab on this SCAA website for more information on how to access the COPE-LINE.

WHO IS IT FOR?—The COPE-LINE is for Survivors of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and ICD Implantees or family members of either group.  It offers an opportunity to speak live with someone who is a survivor of sudden cardiac arrest and/or has been implanted with an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator, commonly called an ICD or an internal defibrillator.

WHO WILL YOU TALK WITH?—The caller will not receive medical advice, but will be able to talk with a Survivor or Implantee who has experienced a similar situation, is familiar with many of the issues surrounding coping with sudden cardiac arrest or ICD implantation, and has talked with many other people who have arrested or been implanted.

COPE-LINE A KEY ELEMENT IN A NEW LINK IN THE CHAIN OF SURVIVAL—The COPE-LINE has been created to implement another effective link in the Chain of Survival

The Chain of Survival

Call 911—Effective, early, bystander CPR—Rapid defibrillation (AED)—Effective advanced life support—Integrated post resuscitation care—COPING with the consequences.

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Woman Thanks Paramedics Who Saved Her Life

Stephanie Gavshon contacted the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) COPE-LINE and spoke with Mary Tappe, a fellow sudden cardiac arrest survivor. Mary talked at length with Stephanie, discussing those feeling that other survivors intuitively understand. Stephanie was very interested in hearing how her rescuer's would greatly appreciate being thanked in person, given such a small percentage of people survive sudden cardiac arrest. SCAA provided the certificates and medals that Stephanie provided to her paramedics. SCAA is very happy to have played a very small part in helping Stephanie and her family recover. If you know of anyone impacted by sudden cardiac arrest, please have them call SCAA's peer-to-peer COPE-LINE at 1-855-COPE-SCA (1-855-267-3722

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Sharing an article from our Michigan Chapter




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Mary Tappe, Chair
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Mary Tappe

Mary is a 45 year old wife and mother of two. She was at work in West Des Moines where she attended a meeting on Monday afternoon, May 17, 2004. Minutes after sitting down she exhaled deeply, over-gripped her pen and then her head hit the table. She suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

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SCAA members are diverse and include SCA survivors, individuals with ICDs, family and friends of survivors and ICD patients, first responders, healthcare and public safety professionals, industry representatives, government officials, and interested and concerned citizens.

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