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Bride provides lifesaving CPR to drowning toddler at wedding reception


...A toddler who’d slipped away from his family was found at the bottom of the deep end of the swimming pool in the backyard where the nuptials were held...Groom James Pryor dialed 9-1-1, then sank into a chair and grabbed his face. Meanwhile, his new wife, Amber Pryor, rushed to where the child had been pulled from the pool and set on the ground. “His face was white, white, white,” Amber said. “People were screaming, ‘He’s dead! He’s dead!’ ”

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Youngsters' efforts help buy life-saving machine

From: Derby Telegraph

A YOUTH club that has been fund-raising to equip its village with a life-saving machine in memory of a policeman has reached its £2,500 target. Chellaston Youth Club set about raising the money for a defibrillator at the start of the summer in memory of PC Bruce Stevenson who died suddenly of a heart attack earlier this year. Keith and Debbie Brampton started the youth club in 2010 and wanted to get the youngsters involved in fund-raising for a cause which would benefit the whole community. They embraced the challenge and now, after almost five months of events, such as cycle rides to Skegness, a 124-mile run around the county and a non-uniform day at Chellaston Academy that raised £278, the target has been reached.

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New heart helps father of ten share the love

From: Herald Sun

SIX times James Willis' heart stopped and he was brought back, desperate to hang on to life so he could take care of his 10 children. Now, with the lifesaving gift of new heart, the Ballarat abattoir worker can't wait to celebrate a very special Father's Day in the knowledge The Alfred hospital and a very special donor have given him a more permanent stay with his huge brood. "I had everything to live for, there is no question about that - and I still do," Mr Willis said.

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Schools have tools to get hearts back beating

From: Gaston Gazette

A woman suffering a heart attack outside Cramerton Middle School two years ago sparked a serious concern. There was no automated external defibrillator at the school to offer immediate shock, in attempt to restore her regular heartbeat. Principal Amy Holbrook said she’s now prepared if that situation happens again. Although the woman survived, she could’ve been treated faster if the device had been readily available, instead of waiting on police to arrive with one in hand.

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Community first responders: every second counts in fight to save lives

From: Herald Series

WHEN a person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, the following seconds and the treatment they get can mean the difference between life and death. Volunteer community first responders are often the first on the scene in these emergencies and help to save lives across Oxfordshire. They are called upon by South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) when serious medical emergencies happen within their community.

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